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State Of The Art Diagnostics

We understand that when your pet is sick or injured, having answers and treatment in a timely manner is extremely important. Because of this, we offer a large array of tests and diagnostics, and most will give results in the same day.

Services We Provide

Professional Veterinary Services in Rhienlander Wisconsin
  • In House Laboratory Diagnostics- We have a full in house lab that can run tests in minutes:
    • Complete Blood Count and Chemistries
    • Urinalysis
    • Thyroid testing
    • Blood sugar and fructosamine tests
    • Tick borne illness panel
    • Parvo Virus testing
    • Feline Leukemia/ FIV testing
  • Outside Laboratory- For more advanced testing we utilize an outside reference lab that will usually get us results within a few days. We also use our reference lab to help us diagnose your pets lumps and bumps.
  • Medications- We have a full pharmacy to help your pet start to feel better as soon as possible. If there is a medication that we don’t carry in house, we will try to find it at another local pharmacy.
  • Online Store- We also offer our own mail order pharmacy. It offers all different types of medications and pet foods that we might not be able to carry in house. They will be sent directly to your house in a few short days. Please see the link on our home page.
  • Hospitalization- If needed, we do offer hospitalization care. For more serious illnesses your pet will be admitted to the hospital and we will provide more extensive and specialized care until they are well enough to return home.
  • Advanced Imaging- We also have digital radiology and an advanced ultrasound machine to better visualize your pets internal organs, bones and joints.

We Provide the Highest Quality Care for Your Pets

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